The SevenSimpleSteps® Way

[Dedicated to and derived from the works of Alfred Korzybski]

To Begin,

Do you wish to increase the scope of your sanity?

If not, please exit here.

Do you wish to enhance your ability at predictability?

If not, please exit here.

Do you believe we can agree on three tiny pieces of mathematics (structure, order and relations) without having your head explode?

If not, please exit here.

Do you agree with the disclaimer found on the last page of the website?

If not, please exit here.


Now you can have some fun and explore the website containing random (and not so random) excerpts from the book due out in late 2013/early 2014.

It has a working title of

The SevenSimpleSteps® Way

We expect it to be available in hardcover, softcover and multiple versions of ebooks.

Questions? Comments? Please send an email to begin the discussion.

Jeff Mordkowitz

Jeff Mordkowitz developed his unique approach through a lifetime of learning and teaching, beginning with a degree in Computer Science from Stony Brook University, where he also taught for the karate club as a black belt instructor. His education continued at the Institute of General Semantics (where he served as Director and President) and through the ongoing practice of Sensory Awareness.

During his non-working hours, Jeff enjoys life with his family, listening to and making music, reading and experiencing nature.

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